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The Complete History of Communism - Part 3

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 03, 2006 5:17 am    Post subject: The Complete History of Communism - Part 3 Reply with quote

The Complete History of Communism - Part 3
The Russian Revolution

The formation of the Soviet Union:
First I'll introduce two men
Trotsky and Lenin
who led the Russian revolution

They were political enemies of each other
but they were both always distributing Marxist pamphlets
and committing other revolutionary acts
They were both always getting thrown in jail
and escaping and always getting exiled and coming back

Now I'll introduce Russia in nineteen hundred
basically an unindustrial medieval sort of place
ruled over by the tsar and the church and the landlords
most of the people lived practically as slaves

There were revolutions which tried and failed
but one that happened in 1905
But when WW1 happened
the Russian people decided they had finally had enough

Fighting against industrialized Germany
the Russian army lost more soldiers than an army in any war in history before
And they started to say we could keep getting blown apart
for the sake of our rich leaders, but what the heck for

Coz the commanding officers who send us out to die they’re our landlords
they’re the same ones who tax our land and our bread
And we wouldn’t have to go die in their war
or be starving and poor if we just shot them instead

So in February, 1917 there were massive uprisings
and Tsar Nicholas just gave up and went
And power fell into the hands of the rich parliament called the Dumas
which became the provisional government

But this group still did not give land or food to the peasants
plus they continued to fight WW1
All those soldiers, and peasants and mercers across Russia
still wanted a bigger change to come

Meanwhile Lenin was still in exile
this time in Switzerland when he read the news and heard
And he took a seal (?) train across Germany
and arrived back in the Russian capital in 1917, its April 3rd

And finally Lenin and Trotsky joined forces with each other
and together their ideas for a better kind of government where spread
They said power should be in the hands of smaller local councils called soviets
and they demanded immediately peace, land and bread

And the communist take-over happened pretty easily
and the capital in 1917, its October
In the biggest country in the world
a Marx-inspired communist revolution had actually taken over

While taking power in the capital was easy
but then a horrendous civil war soon exploded
Between the red armies who wanted change
and the white armies who wanted a return to an imperial power
and land returned to landlord owners

The white armies where suffering in groups
but they were funded by America and France and England and Japan
And the red army was just a peasant army
but they had the support of the peasants
coz they all wanted to kick the rich landlords of the land

And the red army won, but after WWI
and the civil war Russia was in ruins and starving and tired
And to have peace with Germany Lenin had to give Germany
a giant chunk of the Russian empire

And the land that Lenin gave away
contained almost all of Russia’s industry
most of Russia’s iron and Russia’s coal
It was Lenin’s only hope that
soon Germany would have a communist revolution too
and then the resources would be shared by all

Another controversial thing that Lenin did
was when Russia had its first democratic election
for a constituent assembly leaders
Lenin dissolved the whole assembly
and said in this knew society
ruled by the soviets was all that was needed

So many communists hated Lenin
and he was almost assassinated
by a woman named Fanya Kaplan
He survived but he was weaker
and lived a few years longer
and wrote a testament
warning of some things he was scared were going to happen

He was worried about a split
in the communist party leader sit
between Trotsky and the secretary general Joseph Stalin
Stalin had been filling governmental seats
with his own supporters and Lenin warned he’d gotten to powerful
and seemed to deep and intolerant

And in 1924 when Lenin died
Stalin took power
and started killing his enemies
and Trotsky fled
He moved to Mexico
and had an affair with Frida Kahlo
and in 1940 someone murdered him with an ice pick to the head

Meanwhile, all those Russian peasants
had slaved and starved for 900 years
now they all had food, rent, free healthcare, free education
The Soviet Union defeated Hitler
and became a world leader
in space exploration

They tried to start a new society with more resources
and surrounded by a world that wanted them crushed
The soviet leadership became a paranoid and oppressive dictatorship
and Lenin’s dream of communism was lost
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 03, 2006 8:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

oh gosh !!! thank you so much Anklepants,you did a great job, i'm grateful! Smile
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2007 10:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

is there a good video of this third part as this is what we are doing in AS history at this moment
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