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The Miners and the Magic Rock

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 26, 2006 5:35 pm    Post subject: The Miners and the Magic Rock Reply with quote

Thanks to Nick who filled the blanks and corrected the mistakes (this line is not from the song)

Gather around and we'll tell you the tale of the magic rock we found
when we Plundered the mine of an old friend of mine and what we saw beneath the ground
we set out at night with a shovel and a light and the moon was all who knew
it's been a secret but no more we will keep it, we'll tell it all to you
all the dirt it was pilled as high as a mile, where the caves mouth used to be
but we shoveled away and we found it ok and we entered carefully
there in a dark we ignighted a spark and our lantern shown upon
a small wooden sign on the floor of the mine that a map painted on
Well the map show the direction that we should try but at the bottom was a note
i'll never forget it, there where we read it the words caught in our throat
for the note was a warning of dark doom and tourment to those who dared to seek
for the mystical shaft from the forgotten paths right beneath our very feet

well we dug and we dug through the rocks and the mud till we saw a light below
oh how we laughed when we opened the shaft and we saw the way to go
it was deep underground but was lit all around by the glow of golden walls
and frighting paintings of monsters and satan extended down the halls
but we weren't stopped by some supertisious rott we continued on undaunted
and hours had past till we spotted at last the magic rock we wanted
we threw it in a sack and we turned to go back but the tunnel had grown dim
and there in the gloom of that stigien tomb we saw shapes moving with-in
Well fear not said I if we're destined to die then by gum we'll go down fighting
and fear not said him, if we're destined to live then fighting is the right thing
so we made a stand with the shovel in our hand and that was all we needed
and we were trenched wet with blood and unmentionable crud when the demons lay defeated
then came the climb from the bottom of the mine while our lantern sputtered low
there were transparent snakes and big underground lakes and the going sure was slow
but finally we were joyfull to see the light of day ahead
and we climbed out of the mine as it crumbled behind us and back to town we fled

But now you're puzzled about all this trouble we went through for this rock
was it silver or gold or a jewel to be sold at a local auction block
or a religious trinket why did you think it to be of such importance
that both you and him would risk live and limb if it wasn't worth a fortune
but now i'll tell you it's nothing i would sell you for all the wealth you bribe with
I said it was magic and that's the only adjective I can describe with
for what else it counts for the way it will bounce and spin and levitate
and as it hangs in the sky it will open up its eye and the ground will vibrate
and as the trees bow down in a circle around it, it gazes forth with goodness
like a luminous torch right above my porch filling everyone with gladness
what more can i say, the rock is there to this day and the tale is as i told it
and there it will hover granting fortune and love on to anywho behold it
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jack fe

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 26, 2006 8:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Darn you beat me to it!
More awesome work from Dav, as usual Very Happy
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