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Phish/Floyd bootleg

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Joined: 21 Nov 2005
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 23, 2019 2:23 am    Post subject: Phish/Floyd bootleg Reply with quote

Dav may enjoy this story...
So I'm on tour in the USA and everywhere I go if I see records or CDs for sale I have to take a look, if I have a little time... the place we were playing in Arcata CAlifornia had a little shelf of super-cheap CDs (0.75 each!). I bought two CDs by Robyn Hitchcock and one CD that said it was a bootleg of the band Phish covering all of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, I thought that would be a fun listen in the car.
But when I put it on it started really weird.. just a blues jam... and the sound quality was not very good... then they started playing Embryo! I thought that was so cool, that Phish was covering such an obscure song, it was the 1990s and I imagined if I had been at that Phish concert I might have been the only person in the whole crowd to recognize the song!
They did a really good job with the cover.
But then the next song was... Green Is the Color! I was like, whaaatt?? Is Phish just doing a bunch of weird old Pink Floyd covers to warm up the crowd in a strange way, before starting the whole Dark Side of the Moon album?
The sound quality of the live recording was not very good... But I started to realize, this is NOT Phish... this is actually a Pink Floyd bootleg!
So here is what was sort of funny and weird, because if somebody was buying a Phish live CD, and they started listening, and they heard Embryo, and then Green is the Color, and then Careful With that Axe, and then Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun, I think most people would have NO idea what they were listening to! But I felt proud that I knew EXACTLY what I was listening to, and I even told my bandmates "I bet this is a 1970 recording, judging by the songs they are playing, and that means they will probably play Atom Heart Mother soon..." And then the final song on the CD really WAS Atom Heart Mother! With full orchestra! And they announced it as a "new" thing, so maybe it's a recording of the first (or early) performance of Atom Heart Mother.
Not very good sound quality, but a cool "mystery" recording, to find in an accidental way!
And that solves the mystery of why the sound quality was not good... a 1990s bootleg of a live Phish show would have much more professional sound... a 1970 live bootleg of a Pink Floyd show would be more primitive!
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Joined: 23 Nov 2007
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 23, 2019 12:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What a find! And well done on your expert knowledge! Just goes to show the LPs addiction was worth all the time, money and effort! Glad you were able to get your fix on the cheap CDs! I get the same rush when I find something awesome and ideally out of circulation. My biggest rush is when a book I desperately want to read appears in my local library (I go there roughly three times a week so know practically the whole catalogue) so I can read it for free. Itís stupid really as I can afford to buy books, and do buy a lot, but getting it at the library before anyone else has snapped it up is the best!
On an unrelated note, I watched the film Yesterday this week and really enjoyed it, it was a good idea and had a really funny script. I hesitate to post this here and out loud on the internet but Iíve never really been a big fan of the Beatles (I know, they wrote great songs and itís influenced probably every band since and all that but I donít get the hype) or Ed Sheerhan (although I do support my fellow gingers and again he writes a great pop song) but despite this confession I loved the film, so thatís recommended by me to you all. X
You donít put your life into your books. You find it there.
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