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London 08.04.18 Live Report

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Joined: 07 Aug 2007
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:28 am    Post subject: London 08.04.18 Live Report Reply with quote

Jeff played two completely different sets at the Moth Club in London on Sunday 8th April.

Set 1 “Greatest Hits” Afternoon set

Way Round (Fall cover)

[Then the top 18 songs on Spotify for the last month]

Travel Light
She’s Outta Town
Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane
Sad Screaming Old Man
Chelsea Hotel Oral Sex Song (low budget video)
Try To Be Joyful (Tuli K cover)
Punk is Dead (Crass cover)
Back to Manhattan
Don’t Be Upset
Broken Broken Heart
This Trains Is Bound For Brooklyn (Tuli K cover)
Time Trades
Scowling Crackhead Ian
East River
Back When I Was 4
Cult Boyfriend
Roll Bus Roll

Would be interesting to know how much these songs align with the favourites of people on the message board. Some of my mine like Thunderstorm, Springtime, Texas and Krongu Green Slime didn’t make the list

Set 2 “Deep Cuts” Evening Show

Your Heart Out (Fall cover)
What I Love Most in England (Is... Food)
Nose to the Grind (New Song)
No LSD Tonight
The Disease (New Song)
History of Communism in Cuba (low budget video)
My Girlfriend Doesn’t Worry (New Song)
Everything is Fine (Except for the Fact the Isn’t) (New Song)
It Only Takes A Moment
I Want It Both Ways (New Song. Spoken Word)
Mighty Machines (New Song)
Have a Baby
Cannibal Monkeys (Low Budget Video - aborted due to technical failure)
When You’re By Yourself
The Trooper (Iron Maiden Cover!)
Internet (New Song)

Hearing Springtime again was a personal highlight and it was good to hear some of the new songs again; hopefully there will be some more in Paris.

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Joined: 26 May 2009
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 3:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ha cool! I was going to write a little report/review of yesterday's show in Amsterdam, it's fun to compare!

I don't have the whole setlist. I noticed Jeff tacked the setlist onto his guitar, but didn't dare to ask if I could have it for fear that taking the setlist of might peel back too many layers of the guitar with it! Razz

Sitting in the train traveling to the show, I wrote down a little list of songs I would love to see them play that night. It was hard to keep it to a short list, as almost all of Jeffs music is great live, even the songs I don't like as much when they come by on the album.

In the end, this was my wish list (can you see I scrolled through Jeff's songs on my phone, and they were listed alphabetically?):
Avenue A, Shanghai, Hollywood
Big A little a
Whistle past the graveyard
The river (since it's a duo with Diane Cluck I was pretty sure they weren't going to play this one, but one can always hope!)
To be objectified

A couple of songs I put on the list, then decided I was feeling more for a high-energy show tonight. But then as the show was going, they played Seattle, which was one of those, and it was SO GOOD! Alphabet was another one I'd taken off the list but was so happy to hear. So I kept a list of the songs that had me ecstatic when I recognised the first couple of notes:

Roll bus roll

However, sorry to say Jeff, Springtime really disappointed me. Both Springtime and Arrow are songs I love deeply because of the slow buildup and the great simple, consistent bassline supporting the slow buildup. Sadly, the song was ended before it got to the best part, where it goes really loud and then ends softly after the climax...

Other songs that I can remember being played:
No LSD Tonight
East River
She's Outta Town
When You're By Yourself
So Awesome (New Song Alert! Very poppy)
Depression! Despair!
Scowling Crackhead Ian
They ended with Sad Screaming Old Man
Take it for granted

Then we were treated with 3 videos. Since it was a very small room, we got the old skool real sketchbook versions, so no technical difficulties there. We got Cannibal Monkeys and 2 Nirvana songs: Big Cheese and Mr Moustache. I filmed all of them, though the light reflected badly on the pages and the camera didn't catch much of the illustrations Sad I'll try to remember to upload the videos here for those who enjoy seeing them!

I'd brought my partner and a real good friend with me. In high school, we went to sailing camp and wrote new lyrics to Roll Bus Roll, which we played during the camps' last night party. It was so lovely to sway back and forth to the song together, and I had a perfect little moment of feeling so blessed with these loving people around me. A little drawing sketch that might portray how I felt (sorry Brent, I completely failed at drawing you AND the drums!):

Overall another great show. Way back, I fell in love with Jeff's music through Anxiety Attack. A very recognisable song for teenage me. However, 1,5 years ago I got to learn the real content of the song a bit too close as I got into a downwards spiral myself, ending in continuous panic attacks. I just got off the antidepressants that helped me work through it and it was great to be able to listen to all Jeffs very witty songs that are so riddled with life's anxieties, and heartily laugh about it.

After the show I spent some time talking to the girl I'd been standing next to during the first part of the show (until I moved to dance with my partner, who didn't want to block people's views and was standing against the wall). It was nice to meet some new people, not something that I usually do at shows. Who knows, I might just go by myself the next time, and have more opportunity to meet fellow Fans of Cool Music!

Lastly, I am absolutely falling for Mem. No idea how to let her know how excited I am about her playing the bass in the band, I feel like this time as well as last time it doesn't come across when I thank her...
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