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Support Tours

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 29, 2014 12:59 am    Post subject: Support Tours Reply with quote

This is a new one from Jeff. My French friend Philippe asked for les paroles, so I got what I could . If anyone can fill in the blanks, please do. The vid is on youtube:

Donít want to leave my home to do a tour with crummy pay
But if they make an offer to you whatcha really gonna say?
Itís hard to play an empty room, itís hard to book a tour
So you pray some bigger band might say that you can come support.
It might be a hassle , itís a tragedy, a parody but how you gonna haggle
When you know itís only charity?
Support tours, itís iffy, itís $250 at the best, but they know a thousand others who would do the tour for less. Support tours, you had to understand the situation, a band needs having patience for the vast humiliation.
So I hit the open road and ate a lot of crazy gravel but with good songs and merch
I always found a way to travel.
But I found that booking tours can be more trouble than itís worth.
Who would see your unknown band when thereís ten million on the Earth?
So the bassists scan the internet for tours that get announced on it
And if no supportís confirmed thatís when you take a leap and pounce on it.
Support tours, drummers who are nice can turn cold-hearted, so you canít return them home owning less money than they started
Support tours, the bassist has to grit those teeth and face it
Pay to stay in hotel? No way! Itís work, not education.
And after many sleazy years you nearly have your own career and you can book a little tour and you can pick where you appear.
Now you book the tour supports and of course like chicken pox
Every band you ever met will pop up quick in you inbox.
Now they want to know if thereís support acts that are yet confirmed
So you make them awful offers cause I guess itís just your turn.
Support tours, Iím in it for the money, is that funny?
Iím a working class musician with no funding in my country.
Support tours, I gotta find a way to make it work so I just cut so many corners I get dizzy from the circle.
Support tours, the sweet and sour secret of the trade
You learn to squeeze in every way to turn the lemons lemonade
Support tours, Iím thinking out my best when I get desparate
Find a way to make it pay cause itís my job not an investment
Donít want to leave my home to do a tour with crummy pay
But if they make an offer to you whatcha really gonna say?
ďHey Jeff, nice to hear from you. Yeah we gotta ???? starts in Omaha youíll be the first act out of three, budgetís $50 to $150 a night,Iíll see if I
can up that a little in the major markets. You know we canít have you on the bill in San Francisco, you know,like Portland, Seattle, you were just out there last month, anyway ??? weíre announcing tomorrow, what do you think?
Jeez, let me think about itÖ..
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