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Donít we all!
Seriously though robot, you be you, all reading is good!
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Haha... probably enjoys reading the iTunes terms of service agreement or something...
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Hi robot, what are your top five books? I bet you can read them super fast like Johnny 5 x
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hmm, a robot seemed to try to put some spam here... i think it's now deleted.
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Iím not a film person, at least part of that is that the book is almost always better so why waste two hours of my life sat on a sofa for something thatís not going to pay off when I can read it and be more entertained. Sure there are some amazing films out there but I donít know most of them. For example, Iíve not ever been able to sit through ten minutes of Star Wars in my life. Last night I watched a bit of Return to Oz which I played over and over as a little girl (itís still terrifying!) but even gave up on that as a bit of a waste of time. Film is an amazing medium to tell stories that people wouldnít be exposed to otherwise and Iím all for other people being into film but itís not for me. Room was worth the time, youíre right it does work better not just being from the childís perspective x
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Yeah I feel the same about the film! Sometimes it's better to watch the movie before reading the book, because then you can't be too disappointed by the movie, haha! For the movie I appreciated that they switched the perspective. First person narrative doesn't really work on the screen that well anyway.
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I loved Room too, and even the film isnít that bad which is rare. I have her newest book on my to read list too, looks great. X
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My top 5, in no particular order:

Buzz Aldrin, what happened to you in all the confusion?; Johan Harstad

The Lord of the Rings; J.R.R Tolkien

Looking for Alaska; John Green

Room; Emma Donoghue

De dagen van de Bluegrassliefde; Edward van de Vendel (not translated in English yet, but by searching for an English title I found out it will be published in English in 2021!)

The past 10 years I've read very little so my top 5 is kind of frozen in my teenage years...
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Frankl is a legend, I have his second book on order from the library and am really keen to get hold of it. I have a rule that I read at least one true account of the Holocaust every year. Those people had no voice for so long, itís right to let them have one now, and I feel history is best not repeated, education is key to understanding how it happened and fight against it happening again.
Thank you for the other tips, I am always up for a recommendation.
Do you prefer that Manson book to Helter Skelter, Jeff? I liked that but havenít read the one you mentioned. Another one I will ask the library for, luckily I am on first name terms with all the staff and they all like me or they would probably have concerns about my true crime book problem... I am reading The Killer Across The Table at the moment, about how the FBI learned to interview killers and hence work out potentially how to help people before it gets to that by recognising patterns of behaviour and learn about the usual associated mental health issues such as psychopathy. Itís a good read so far but Iím only 60 pages in. X
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i haven't been here for a while - so a late comment on this topic... my top 5 books for now are (random order):

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi: we should all be feminists
Margarete Stokowski: The last days of the patriarchy
Sibylle Berg: Grm Brainfuck
Saöa Staniöić: Where you come from
Viktor Frankl: Man's search for meaning

thanks for the great inspirations & books you shared - winter will be long and with plenty of opportunity to read...
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Thereís no way I can go through my all time top five! So here are the best books Iíve read this year according to my good reads ratings, these all got five stars:
Fallen Angel - Chris Brookmyre
Read and Riot A Pussy Riot Guide to Activism - Nadya Tolokonikova
All that Remains: A Life in Death - Susan Black
Havenít They Grown? - Sophie Hannah
The Boy Who Followed His Father Into Auschwitz - Jeremy Dronfield
Close to Home - Cara Hunter
The Rumour - Lesley Kara
Thatís seven but theyíre the highest rated seven out of over 40 books Iíve got through this year.
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My top 5 books... hmmm.... I'll try....

Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad
Mrs Dalloway - Virginia Woolf
Our Band Could Be Your Life - Michael Azzerad
Moby Dick - Herman Melville
Manson in His Own Words - Nuell Emmons and Charles Manson

and although these are not narratives, I often find myself returning again and again to:
The Acid Archives - edited by Patrick Lundborg
Working - Studs Terkel
PostPosted: Mon Apr 27, 2020 6:48 pm    Post subject: Top 5 books

Here are my top 5 books, no particular order

Alan Moore - Jerusalem
Chuck Palahniuk - Rent
Roger Zelazny - Nine princes in Amber
Philip K Dick - Siva
Kurt Vonnegut - Slaughter House Five

I noticed a while ago that all my favorite books are in some ways about different perception of time.

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